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C3 Generative AI: Standard Edition is now available on the Google Cloud Marketplace

C3 AI, the enterprise AI application software company, announced that C3 Generative AI: Standard Edition, its no-code, self-service generative AI application, is now available on Google Cloud Marketplace. The solution can now support Google’s newest and advanced large language model (LLM), Gemini.

With a simple, self-service, no-code onboarding flow that takes minutes to complete, C3 Generative AI: Standard Edition allows users to easily access insights from documents and unstructured files across their enterprise, according to C3 AI.

“C3 AI is pioneering generative AI for the enterprise and is reshaping the future of business with reliable, flexible, and secure solutions. Offering this powerful application on Google Cloud Marketplace allows many more businesses to take advantage of this capability,” said Nikhil Krishnan, chief technology officer, Products, C3 AI. “With C3 Generative AI: Standard Edition we are enabling anyone—regardless of technological training or background—to improve enterprise efficiency, productivity, and workforce knowledge with generative AI through an entirely self-service experience.”

C3 Generative AI: Standard Edition on Google Cloud Marketplace is currently available for three industry-specific modules: manufacturing, customer service, and financial services; and users can start using the application now under a 14-day free trial.

Companies using C3 Generative AI from these industries have already seen success in a variety of use cases, according to the company.

C3 Generative AI is built for the enterprise, and with Standard Edition users can access features including:

  • Deterministic responses generate accurate, consistent results by utilizing a retrieval-augmented generative architecture that separates the enterprise knowledge base from the large language model.
  • Full traceability to ground truth with the ability to trace back to source documents and data for every insight that is generated.
  • Minimal hallucination provides accurate answers with embedded relevance scoring and a solution that answers “I don’t know” when the relevance threshold is not met.
  • Enterprise access controls for robust security controls to ensure users access only the data they are authorized to see.
  • Image and table parsing gives users the ability to reason on tables or images within documents and handle complex document sections for high-accuracy results.
  • Multi-lingual support so users can engage through the language of their choice.
  • Built-in advanced mathematical tools automatically invoked by C3 Generative AI.

“Bringing C3 AI to Google Cloud Marketplace will help customers quickly deploy, manage, and grow the C3 Generative AI: Standard Edition on Google Cloud’s trusted, global infrastructure,” said Dai Vu, managing director, marketplace and ISV GTM programs at Google Cloud. “C3 AI can now securely scale and support customers on their digital transformation journeys.”

For more information about this news, visit https://c3.ai.

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