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InMoment and Bright develop AI simulation-based employee upskilling solution

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InMoment, the provider of Experience Improvement solutions, and Bright, the immersive learning platform, are expanding their partnership to deliver in an integrated, AI-powered upskilling solution engineered to improve employee capabilities and coaching while eliminating skill gaps.

Developed in response to a need for refining the employee journey, InMoment and Bright combine InMoment’s real-time enterprise operations data with Bright’s experience in developing personalized paths for employee skill improvement. This collaborative solution brings employees an individualized course tailored to each learners’ development opportunities, amplified by AI-powered simulations, according to the vendors.

"When companies talk about adaptive learning, they usually mean adjusting a learner's future courses based on prior quiz results,” said Rob Wright, CEO of Bright. “This is useful to a point, but it's limited to the courses and quizzes in the company's library, and it emphasizes content review over true practice and skill building. What we're doing now with InMoment is in a whole different category of personalization and automation."

Employees are able to undergo simulations that realistically reflect that individual’s learning goals. They are further rated and coached as they interact with the experience, ensuring they remain aligned with the desired outcomes.

"As a longtime player in the Customer Experience Management space, we love the way this offering supports our vision of enabling an integrated CX approach by leveraging CX through EX," said Jeff Catlin, EVP of AI products at InMoment. "Employees practice the exact conversations that we've identified are negatively impacting the customer journey. The fact that Bright and InMoment can automate this process means we are making it easier to lift the customer journey, one employee and one skillset at a time."

InMoment and Bright’s partnership continuously leverages InMoment's natural language processing (NLP) technologies with Bright’s unique approach to conversation, chat, and software simulations. Their collaborative power has resulted in reduced training costs as well as increased times for customer experience roles by 50%, according to the companies.

To learn more about InMoment and Bright’s partnership and new solution, please visit https://inmoment.com/ or https://www.learnwithbright.com/.

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