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2023 Readers' Choice Award- Best Enterprise Search: Lucidworks - Lucidworks makes search a superpower.

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Search Can Make or Break the User Experience

When users explore your commerce website or the company intranet, the search results and filter options they see create the experiences they have—for better or for worse. Lucidworks Fusion uses structured and unstructured data, product views or catalogs, and customer interactions to understand user’s context and intent and provide relevant results. Our unique search methodology, Neural Hybrid Search™, utilizes semantic neural networks combined with traditional lexical search techniques to create a more intelligent digital experience.

A Search Platform Built for Large Enterprises

At Lucidworks we know that one size doesn’t fit all. Our team of experts can create a search and browse experience tailored to your industry and your users. Fusion offers enterprise-grade technology using open-source software to integrate with a variety of data sources and scale horizontally to handle large datasets. We offer KPI dashboards and customizable reports that help organizations track and analyze success over time.

Fusion delivers the best ROI in the industry with over 390% returns across a three year investment.

The Search Tool Generative AI Deployments Need

There is undeniable potential in generative AI and large language models, but these tools alone come with significant gaps and challenges. AI often needs additional technologies to create guardrails around data security and response accuracy. Fusion grounds LLM responses in truth as an accelerator and protector technology that brings AI to search the right way for commerce, B2B, and healthcare use cases. The platform provides the data enrichment, facet controls, security trimming, recommendations, and merchandising intelligence needed to deliver transformational AI capabilities.

Learn more at Lucidworks.com.

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235 Montgomery St. Suite 500
San Francisco, CA 94104
PH: 415.329.6253
Web: https://lucidworks.com/

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