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Red Access debuts the first agentless, secure browsing platform for hybrid work

Red Access, the company helping enterprises secure employee browser experiences, is debuting its agentless, secure browsing platform designed to operate in hybrid work environments. The Red Access agentless browsing security platform enables employees to utilize their browser of choice without sacrificing enterprise-grade secure browser defense capabilities. 

This solution from Red Access is agentless, meaning it does not require any enablement tools—such as a VPN or VDI—to operate. Offering defense for both web browsers and desktop web applications, the Red Access agentless browsing security platform protects against attacks specifically targeting the browsing vector.

The agentless browsing security platform also offers the following benefits:

  • Enforceable policies for remotely accessible corporate resources used by third party contractors and BYOD users
  • Centralized management panel to oversee access, usability, integrity, and security of corporate data and policies
  • Visibility into user browsing activities, including applications and devices
  • One-click deployment and streamlined integration with other security solutions

“We’ve developed an entirely new method to protect web sessions that truly raises the bar for secure browsing standards,” said Dor Zvi, co-founder and CEO, Red Access. “Our agentless platform is the only genuine hybrid security solution of its kind. Because it runs in the background to protect any browser or desktop web application, it creates a seamless user experience for workforces to complete their tasks in the office or abroad with no performance issues or interruptions.”

To learn more about the Red Access agentless security platform, please visit https://www.redaccess.io/.

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