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Kyndi enriches its Answer Engine portfolio with generative AI and enhanced analytics abilities

Kyndi, the Answer Engine company, is introducing several new capabilities to Kyndi’s natural language processing offerings, adding advanced generative AI capabilities, enhanced analytics, and automated query suggestions.

These enhancements expand on Kyndi’s existing Answer Engine and generative capabilities, enabling enterprises to provide direct, accurate, and trustworthy answers to customers and employees instantly for improved decision-making, efficiency, and productivity.

According to the company, by furthering the generative AI capabilities into its portfolio offerings in a secure manner, Kyndi has solidified its position as the world’s first generative AI-powered Answer Engine for enterprises.

With enhanced capabilities built into Kyndi’s products, including Kyndi Natural Language Platform and the two applications built on top of it, Kyndi Clarity and Kyndi Natural Language Search, enterprise users can now receive direct and trusted answers rooted in enterprise content, every time they have questions about a business.

By combining embeddings, LLMs, generative AI, and vector and semantic databases on the same secure platform, Kyndi’s generative AI-powered Answer Engine offers an end-to-end solution that saves companies time and costs from developing and managing separate technologies, according to the vendor.

With Kyndi, users get one correct answer instead of a long list of results they must sift through to find the exact information they seek and there is no misinformation in the results.

Additional enhancements have also been added to the Curator Tool and the Admin Portal of Kyndi’s Answer Engine to improve the usability and flexibility of those functions.

Built for enterprises, Kyndi’s generative AI-powered Answer Engine is designed to revolutionize the way employees and customers find answers to their queries.

“Unlike other offerings, Kyndi’s generative AI-powered Answer Engine offers users accurate answers from trusted content that is explainable and easy to run in an enterprise environment,” said Ryan Welsh, founder and CEO of Kyndi. “Our vision has always been to provide organizations of any size, and in any industry, with a complete solution that integrates components necessary for building a state-of-the-art answer engine. Not only does this improve the customer and employee experience and support a true digital transformation, but it reduces costs significantly and can be deployed 9x faster than other offerings.”

For more information about this news, visit www.kyndi.com.

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