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Domino’s Summer 2023 release drives optimized, responsible, and affordable AI

Domino Data Lab, powering model-driven businesses with its Enterprise AI platform, is launching a variety of brand-new capabilities as part of its Summer 2023 release, aimed toward optimizing the application of AI in companies seeking (yet struggling) to leverage its bountiful business possibilities. The release includes updates for accelerating AI time-to-value, reducing costs, implementing responsible AI, and expanded cloud-based offerings.

As the exploding popularity of AI continues to increase, businesses face challenges in successfully implementing ethical, efficient AI that generates tangible value for their enterprises.

To help expedite time-to-value for enterprise-wide AI integrations, Domino is releasing Domino Code Assist, a comprehensive library of state-of-the-art foundation models that streamline its connection to enterprise data and further generate code to perfect its models.

Additionally, Domino is launching the AI Project Hub, a development process accelerator with pre-trained foundation models and project templates that are available at a click of a button. These models come out-of-the-box with auto-scaling compute clusters for large-scale distributed data preparation and model training, according to the vendor.

Along with Domino’s Summer 2023 release comes intelligent management of AI workloads, armed with capabilities designed to reduce cloud resource spend. Visibility is manifested as customizable cost reports, where data can be surfaced by user, organization, or project to highlight chargeback and set quotas and alerts to manage cost governance.

While AI can be implemented in ways that can dramatically impact positive business outcomes, the ethicality and responsibility of that AI must play a large part in its application.

With this in mind, Domino is releasing the Domino Model Sentry, a comprehensive solution built to reduce model risk and designed with responsible AI practices at the forefront. Model Sentry offers a plethora of features that ensure responsible AI design, reproduction, and model compliance, including:

  • A unified model registry for complete lineage tracking
  • Auditability with automated model cards
  • Control over model validation, review, and approval processes that involve all stakeholders

Finally, Domino is launching the aforementioned capabilities as part of its expanded SaaS offerings—Domino Cloud and Domino Cloud for Life Sciences (DCLS). This expansion also sees updates for Domino’s cloud solutions, including newfound support for Nexus in Domino Cloud, as well as the introduction of DCLS as an audit-ready, specialized AI cloud platform optimized for the needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

These capabilities will be available beginning in July, with Project Hub soon following. Domino Cloud Enterprise and DCLS are now available.

To learn more about Domino Data Lab’s Summer 2023 release, please visit https://www.dominodatalab.com/.

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