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  • March 20, 2023
  • News

Iterate.ai enables integration of generative AI across its Interplay platform

Iterate.ai, provider of an ecosystem that enables customers to build production-ready enterprise applications, announced that its low-code Interplay platform now includes integrations with Stable Diffusion, ChatGPT, and other OpenAI tools across the generative AI landscape.

Interplay goes beyond what’s available in the industry today by enabling enterprises to fuse their custom AI models with generative AI systems to serve numerous use cases across industries, according to the company.

Interplay’s new generative AI capabilities unlock even faster digital innovation while enabling companies to always own their IP with custom AI models.

Paired together, Interplay’s low-code environment and generative AI give customers what they need to rapidly implement the most cutting-edge AI capabilities that would otherwise require significant resource investments and complex coding, according to the vendor.

Organizations can now leverage Interplay and generative AI to enhance and automate their existing product descriptions, create personalized product images on their retail sites, personalize ad campaigns with users’ images and themes, build intelligent FAQs, and offer new conversational experiences, among other possibilities.

Interplay and its generative AI integrations are applicable across industries, from retail to banking to insurance to healthcare.

Interplay’s generative AI integration enables organizations to immediately leverage three capabilities from within the low-code environment:

  • Text-to-code generator. Built on OpenAI, Interplay’s new text-to-code solution makes low-code application development faster. Users can generate code by entering a prompt for the desired functionality of the script from within the Interplay platform. Akin to GitHub Copilot, Interplay’s code generator actively assists developers with AI-generated low-code suggestions across the development process.
  • Branded image generation. Interplay enables brands, advertisers, and designers to generate images from text prompts based on a set of training images already within the brand’s intellectual property. Merchandisers can fuse their custom data into Stable Diffusion models to generate customized product images, colorways, and lifestyle images based on customers’ known preferences. Brands can upload brand images, color palettes, and other assets, enter text descriptions, and rapidly produce new images to enhance their applications and customer experiences.
  • GPT-3-powered training and support. Conversational experiences created by Interplay now will have the ability to answer questions and interact with customers via custom AI models and, for general queries, be able to tap into GPT-3 and other large language models (LLMs).

“Like low-code itself, generative AI promises to multiply organizations’ productivity and eliminate even more of the traditional roadblocks to harnessing powerful technological capabilities,” said Brian Sathianathan, CTO of Iterate.ai. “The potent combination of the Interplay low-code platform and generative AI now allows developers (including those without any AI expertise) to rapidly build and iteratively perfect applications that deliver the features and experiences that set their companies apart. We’re proud to place some of today’s most powerful generative AI tooling in the hands of Interplay users, and excited to see what they create as they explore its possibilities.”

For more information about this news, visit www.iterate.ai.

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