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Frustrated Workers Need Effective Enterprise Search - Sinequa

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Recent economic conditions have led to layoffs and retirements and shifted organizational priorities to do more with less. In these conditions, keeping the best workers is crucial, and a key to retaining top talent is ensuring they have what they need to do their best work.

Employees who feel they are being held back from peak performance become frustrated and lose enthusiasm— including the enthusiasm for staying. This is especially true among tech-savvy workers, who expect streamlined digital workplaces. As the amount of content expands and the speed of business accelerates, so should priorities to make information available quickly to everyone who needs it. This is best achieved with the newest search capability: Neural Search.

Like ChatGPT, Neural Search leverages Large Language Models (LLMs)—the latest AI technology that has revolutionized the ability to find knowledge. LLMs use natural language understanding to surface information using meaning and context, not just similar words. Neural Search is not only more forgiving but brings more focused insights to employees faster. This new level of relevance matches the right content with the need—finding the proverbial needle in the ever-growing haystack and giving employees the best answers every time.

The tight job market has shown that employees are willing to leave frustrating work environments for companies that have a strong, streamlined digital workplace. Intelligent enterprise search with Neural Search lets employees focus on doing excellent work and is critical to retain the best talent in an uncertain economy.

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