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Looking to the Future Report: 2023 KM Outlook

2022 was an interesting year for many organizations. We have seen technology companies and other traded companies’ shares falling. This is due to a lower increase in top line revenues, performance, and an additional shortfall in their financial outlook. Furthermore, the high rate of inflation is here to stay, and we have seen actions taken by all countries and central banks to increase the interest rates to stabilize and slow inflation. This has occurred in the US and all other major markets.

What does this mean for KM? What does this mean for the future of tech companies going into 2023?

At KMS Lighthouse we had a record year in 2022 and we are expecting the trend to continue into 2023 encouraged by the need to optimize operations by deploying technologies that can support and improve efficiency. Our role is to help organizations to perform better with fewer staff. The impact has been assessed as part of a Total Economic Impact report by Forrester to a KMS Lighthouse customer that reported a 269% ROI over a 3-year term as quantified benefits and further quantified improvements.

Knowledge management is supporting major organizations in their re-organizations which have become more urgent given the economic climate. This includes new priorities of reducing onboarding time and their missions to support digital transformation shifting customers from traditional call centers to digital channels. I am convinced that KMS Lighthouse as a strong enterprise KM vendor and partner to companies, is supporting their business needs and digital transformation.

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