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Records Management Market Leader Report: MDY

MDY is a leading provider of records management innovation and offers a unique mix of software and services to give organizations a single point of accountability in gaining complete control over their information management needs. MDY's offerings help organizations reduce risk, comply with government and industry regulations, and effectively implement knowledge management policies, best practices, and procedures. MDY's signature product, MDY FileSurf®, integrates all physical, electronic, and email files regardless of media type, source of origin, or storage location into a single, scalable, and extensible enterprise-wide solution. MDY FileSurf provides tight integration with various repositories of content, including email and document management systems, and provides a server based rules engine, that combined with flexible schedule creation tools and powerful discovery and disposition hold capabilities, ensures that all content is managed according to government regulations and organizational policies.

Additionally, when records are spread across multiple repositories, or ‘silos' of corporate content, MDY's Federated RM™ solution enables the effective management of vital information by easing the complexity of centrally managing records policies for distributed content. Federated RM allows organizations to enforce critical records management strategies across the enterprise through a centralized records management console and rules engine, facilitating consistent management, enterprise search, and discovery/audit processing, regardless of where content is stored. Federated RM maximizes existing technology investments while ensuring enterprise-wide compliance.

MDY FileSurf is certified under the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) 5015.2 Standard for records management applications (Ch. 2/4). For more information call 201-475-4789 or go to (www.mdy.com).

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