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  • November 18, 2022
  • News

Retool creates Retool Workflows to accelerate automation

Retool is releasing Retool Workflows, a fast, extensible way for developers to build cron jobs, scheduled notifications, ETL tasks, and everything in between.

Retool Workflows fills a gap that exists between non-developer tools like Zapier and heavyweight developer solutions like Airflow or apps built from scratch, according to the vendor. In a world where every company is a software company, custom software is a key lever for competitive advantage. Retool Workflows gives businesses the efficiency gains of custom software at a fraction of the opportunity cost.

Top use cases for Retool Workflows include:

  • Lightweight ETL: Move, sync, and connect data across third-party tools and local databases.
  • Alerting and Custom Notifications: Set up alerts that notify when business heuristics are invalid, specified criteria is met, users take action in your product, or when progress status changes.
  • Metrics Reporting: Aggregate metrics from across various data sources, format, or measure, and share with teams via Slack or email.

“Code has always been a great way to solve automation, but it comes with a lot of overhead. Retool Workflows does away with the ceremony of building from scratch—spinning up infrastructure, authenticating resources, combing through API docs, etc.—without losing the hackability that developers expect,” said Jamie Cuffe, product lead, Retool.

Retool Workflows is priced on data throughput or the amount of data a workflow reads and writes. This model ensures that developers can architect their workflows however they feel like building, without having to worry about hitting arbitrary “task” or “step” limits, according to the company.

For more information about this release, visit www.retool.com.

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