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  • October 19, 2022
  • News

Leostream and Liquidware collaborate to offer digital workspace management solutions

Leostream, a provider of enterprise-grade remote access solutions, is releasing a joint digital workspace management solution with Liquidware Inc. that keeps desktops and applications agile and available.

The combination of the Liquidware Essentials bundle with Leostream’s connection management platform offers customers a single, cohesive, tested, scalable, and affordable solution that connects end users to their desktops or applications seamlessly, from any device, using any display protocol, according to the vendors. 

"Combining true best-of-breed solutions like Liquidware Essentials and the Leostream Platform allows organizations to avoid the cost and management overheads of point legacy solutions,” said Jason E. Smith, VP alliances and product marketing, Liquidware. “With this joint offering, IT admins can easily move from physical to VDI or cloud-based desktops seamlessly with no user downtime.”

The Leostream and Liquidware combined solution enables user profile management across any on-premises or cloud backend infrastructure by moving users seamlessly between backend environments based on performance needs. Users log in from the same portal with the same credentials for unlimited freedom and flexibility while organizations are able to transition from costly legacy VDI stacks with a solution custom built to suit their needs.

 Liquidware provides comprehensive user environment management, application layering and user experience monitoring in the Essentials suite, which includes ProfileUnity, FlexApp, and Stratusphere UX. ProfileUnity and FlexApp harvest current user profile environments and applications to prepare for a smooth migration. Stratusphere UX enables organizations to measure their current environments in order to properly design, resource and move their target environment to any desktop platform; physical, virtual or cloud-based.  Liquidware Stratusphere UX gathers and provides key user-experience metrics to support the design of desktop images to be provisioned by Leostream.

Leostream’s remote access and desktop connection management software enables organizations to create security-conscious remote desktop environments that are sustainable, performant, and cost-effective, according to the company.

The ability to orchestrate disparate technologies from a single management and access platform is a uniquely Leostream construct that enables organizations to advance the state of the art of their entire hosted desktop environment with an eye on integrating new technologies as they come to market.

“Both Liquidware and Leostream offer field-proven solutions that improve management of increasingly complex IT environments,” said Karen Gondoly, Leostream CEO. “This joint solution better allows users to co-exist and move across physical, virtual, cloud, and mixed-Windows OS environments with ease. We are pleased to have had the opportunity to collaborate to deliver this digital workspace management solution to provide our joint customers with the unlimited freedom and flexibility that they need, while helping them seamlessly transition off costly legacy platforms.”

For more information about this collaboration, visit www.liquidware.com or https://leostream.com.

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