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Free Your Legacy Files—with Access Unify | Secure Compliance

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Access Corporation: Access Unify

Many organizations today are being held “hostage” by expensive legacy systems. The reason is the records within them must be retained to ensure compliance. In fact, most records must be retained anywhere between seven years to indefinitely, based on record type and jurisdiction. This causes a vicious cycle of exorbitantly expensive system maintenance costs and time-consuming efforts to extract records. There is another way.

Access Unify | Secure Compliance is the new cloud-based solution that’s conquering this challenge once and for all!

Access Unify | Secure Compliance is an industry-leading, end-to-end Electronic Records Management solution. It can quickly and securely extract and migrate
legacy files to your modern IT infrastructure, enabling you to retire costly legacy systems and provide your staff with access to the right content at the right time. The solution drives higher productivity, fast ROI and impressive cost containment—potentially saving you millions of dollars over time.

Collaborate Securely to Minimize Risk

Additionally, Access Unify | Secure Compliance empowers businesses to create a central source of truth with a cloud-based, compliant digital repository. Powered by leading-edge technologies including Robotic Process Automation, ETL, and Artificial Intelligence, the platform also provides audit trails, detailed reporting, secure rights provisioning, and security-certified solutions (SOC 2 Type II, PRISM Privacy+, Privacy Shield, etc.).

Partner with Access today to unlock your legacy information and maintain a secure, legally defensible content collection - in a single location.

Learn more! Watch the webcast: Introducing Access Unify | Secure Compliance—Free Your Legacy Records.


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