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Flywheel 2.0 launch by Teikametrics automates keyword harvest for efficient online ad management

The introduction of Teikametrics’ flagship product, Flywheel 2.0, integrates AI technology with its marketplace optimization platform, allowing online sellers to automate target keyword harvest across various marketplaces. With the increase in online consumption over the past few years, Flywheel 2.0 aims to increase keyword harvest efficiency for sellers to drive revenue on online entities like Amazon and Walmart via an AI targeting algorithm.

With Flywheel 2.0, sellers can more effectively manage keywords and bids in ad-running for online marketplaces. The automation harvests top-performing keywords throughout a seller’s online marketplaces and then distributes them to wherever their products appear, alleviating ad management complexity. Volume of performing keywords drastically increases through Flywheel 2.0’s automation, requiring less manual work and optimizing sales performance for sellers, according to the vendor. The solution will also be able to deliver detailed metrics, such as product-level sales, advertising, and profitability, providing access to visible data for sales issue diagnosis and growth opportunity insight.

“Sellers are looking to diversify across multiple marketplaces, but optimizing advertising on more than one marketplace at the same time adds complexity,” said Alasdair McLean-Foreman, CEO and founder of Teikametrics. “Our new AI-powered algorithm in Flywheel 2.0 solves for this by dynamically using the sellers’ best-performing keywords across multiple marketplaces. As a result, we’re giving multi-channel sellers a big competitive advantage, especially for those launching on new channels like Walmart.”

Teikametrics’ AI automation technology increased total sales on Walmart.com for organic foods company BetterBody Foods by 38x, where advertising increased by 5x and return on ad spend (ROAS) by 6x, according to the vendor.

For more information, please visit https://www.teikametrics.com/.

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