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Connecting every employee to the organization's collective knowledge

Globalization, intense competition, and the influx of innovation have changed for good the way large organizations are structured.

Expanding your vision of where and how innovation can have an impact can deliver significant financial benefits.

Decentralization and digital transformation have made it difficult for employees to find the information and experts they need.

The result is wasted time, missed insights, and lost opportunities. If innovation is the application of knowledge towards economic and social benefits, then finding new ways to connect employees to knowledge can significantly improve the process.

KMWorld held a webinar with Scott Parker, director of product marketing, Sinequa; Gregory Walklet, account director, Sinequa; and Ed Downs, lead product marketing manager, Sinequa, who discussed the innovation imperative in knowledge-driven industries.

Innovation is driven by people, information, and connections, they explained. To accelerate innovation, businesses must connect the organization’s knowledge to every stakeholder.

However, the burden of finding information is given to employees who may only have access to siloed, scattered, and changing data. This could lead to 1.8 hours a day wasted searching for information.

Challenges to finding the right information include:

  • Significant volumes
  • Various formats
  • Different storage technologies
  • Scattered in many different siloes
  • Poor or nonexistent analytics
  • Not only documents but also multimedia
  • Internal and external sources
  • On premises vs on the cloud
  • People and expertise to be considered
  • Security is vital

According to Downs, Sinequa’s Neural Search provides four deep learning models and can perform unified statistical and neural retrieval of information. It is easy to deploy, scalable, and cost-effective.

Neural search can more relevance in more situations, answers shorten time-to-value, surfaces passages with context, and improves on existing relevance.

Users can search across all enterprise content, view content without switching apps, use an enriched display with highlighted terms and rapidly navigate to the right place.

With the Sinequa platform, Downs said, users can find experts and not just documents. Then users can build presentations from slides, explore relationships between entities across slices of content, visually narrow results to those of interest, and navigate between document and analytics views.

An archived on-demand replay of this webinar is available here.

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