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AI 50 Trailblazer: Mindbreeze - Capitalize on the Full Potential of Your Data

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Mindbreeze is a high-quality trusted solution that keeps the user’s needs and interests top of mind at all times on their knowledge finding journey. With our use of Mindbreeze Insight Services, your workforce is provided with valuable insights stemmed from your data in the most efficient manner. The best part is, it is all available out-of-the-box.

Insight Services provided by Mindbreeze include:

The Entity Recognition Service enables automated extraction of critical information from your data. Mindbreeze can filter out and understand various entities like people, organizations, and places. 

The Classification Service extracts relevant metadata from unstructured texts and uses their semantics to identify different document types and files— continuously learning and self-optimizing for specific business requirements.

The Semantic Relation Service allows relationships to be established between different data sources. Data from one source can be used to enrich data in another source.

The Proactive Insight Service provides highly targeted insights, ideally adapted to specific stakeholders and their concrete business requirements. You define which information and data are most important to you and lay the foundation for visualizing the results.

The Knowledge Extraction Service focuses on the semantic meaning behind information in your documents. This empowers the workforce to discover untapped business knowledge and potential from extracted information that is linked to data that has already been labeled.

The Natural Language Processing Service ensures the processing of natural language and thus the understanding of content and company knowledge.

Get started today and begin capitalizing on the full potential of your data.

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Mindbreeze Corp.

311 West Monroe Street
Chicago, Illinois, 60606
Phone: 1.312.300.6745
Web: www.mindbreeze.com

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