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Siren and Q6 Cyber collaborate on solution that enables governments to monitor and protect critical infrastructure

Siren, a provider of Investigative Intelligence analytics, and Q6 Cyber, a provider of cyber threat intelligence, is launching a jointly developed critical infrastructure cyber defense solution which empowers governments to monitor threats at a national level.

“Q6 Cyber is a great partner that has deep domain experience and can provide very early warning on cyber attacks,” said John Randles, CEO of Siren. “This jointly developed solution will open up an array of new opportunities for both of us and enable governments to monitor and protect critical infrastructure in a very structured manner.”

Siren and Q6 Cyber’s solution has been developed to counter and proactively eliminate cyber threats. It combines Q6’s proprietary cyber threat intelligence sets that serve as early warning signals with Siren’s threat investigation capability to visualize and investigate such signals.

These early warning signals, akin to looking over the shoulder of cyber threat actors, allow users to detect and quickly remediate network intrusions, system or data breaches, and insider threats with great speed and precision, according to the vendors.

The collaboration between the two companies enables national governments to monitor cyber health by industry sector and specific networks or entities.

The Siren platform pushes forward what is achievable in the investigative world with capabilities which have been developed in line with rapidly changing investigators’ requirements to generate insights at machine speed and scale.

“We are excited to partner with Siren to tackle critical infrastructure cyber risk using a truly novel approach” said Eli Dominitz, CEO of Q6 Cyber. “Our solution will enable the public and private sectors to proactively identify and mitigate in the very early stages cyber threats and attacks targeting critical infrastructure, resulting in fewer cyber incidents.”

The Siren platform is used worldwide as a key component in investigative solutions, search and discovery efforts, and as an enhancement to Elasticsearch implementations.

Q6 Cyber’s diverse team of security and intelligence professionals brings a depth of expertise attained over decades of experience in US and Israeli intelligence and law enforcement agencies. Its technology monitors the “Digital Underground,” a vast universe where cybercriminals operate and provides early warning signals of network intrusions, cyber attacks, and data breaches.

For more information about this news, visit https://siren.io or https://q6cyber.com.

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