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KnowledgeLake introduces automation to intelligent document processing with Tahoe release

KnowledgeLake, a provider of intelligent document processing (IDP) solutions, is releasing the latest version of its platform, code-named “Tahoe,” for automating document processes and delivering data insights.

This latest edition of the platform is intended to accelerate the deployment of solutions through rich no-code features, improvements in its AI engine, as well as enhanced support of additional storage options.

The platform now features a visual RPA design studio that enables business users to create and implement robotic process automation (RPA) and robotic desktop automation (RDA) workflows via an intuitive no-code, drag and drop interface. The RPA design studio allows users to quickly and easily build workflows without training or development.

Additionally, customers can now leverage KnowledgeLake as a fully managed SaaS offering. This new offering allows partners and end-users a turn-key way to use KnowledgeLake when what they desire is pure results with zero implementation, administration, and learning.

“The latest version of the KnowledgeLake platform represents our efforts to help businesses thrive as they modernize their operations to better support remote work,” said Ron Cameron, CEO of KnowledgeLake. “We’ve worked closely with our customers and partners to create these enhancements to our IDP platform. We empower organizations to automate their high-volume document processes and experience the benefit of modern technology without pain.”

The KnowledgeLake product update also delivers significant improvements in its real-time AI training. User actions are now used as feedback to continuously improve the document classification models. This functionality greatly improves the speed of machine teaching and reduces exception handling and user intervention, according to the vendor.

KnowledgeLake has also announced support for Microsoft 365 GCC and GCC High, Azure Government Cloud, and Microsoft Azure data centers in Canada.

For more information about this news, visit www.knowledgelake.com.

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