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Domo now provides integrations with Microsoft 365 and Teams to scale the power of data for everyone in an organization

Domo is offering integrations with Microsoft 365 and Teams to make it easier  to collaborate and leverage data using the technology business people work in every day.

With Domo’s mission to transform business by putting data to work for everyone, these new integrations allow customers to easily scale the power of data by embedding data insights and apps right where the work gets done—in Word docs, Excel sheets, PowerPoint presentations, Outlook Emails and Teams Channels—in a way that is accessible, intuitive, and always up to date, according to the vendor.  

With this Microsoft Add-in, customers can leverage the value of the Domo platform within the familiarity of the Microsoft Office Suite applications they use every day: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

“Today’s new world of work has accelerated the adoption of collaboration tools, and we’re bringing the power of data and Domo straight to where people work with our Microsoft 365 Add-in and Teams integration,” said Daren Thayne, chief technology officer at Domo. “These integrations between Domo, Microsoft 365, and Teams allow users to leverage and benefit from having seamless access to the same source of truth and tackle any business challenge directly in the systems they are working in most.”

This single add-in enables:

  • Syncing Domo data to Microsoft 365 to ensure data is always up to date, particularly numbers, visualizations, datasets, KPIs, and cards that have been embedded in a Microsoft 365 product.
  • Sharing real-time data within Word and PowerPoint and automatically updating data and maintaining control over the refresh frequency and monitoring changes with a “last refresh” label.
  • Using Domo directly with Outlook by embedding Domo content into emails, appending or creating new datasets in Domo from email attachments, and creating new Domo tasks and projects
  • Transforming data in Excel by easily importing Domo datasets to make edits and transform the data or exporting new datasets to Domo from Excel and combining them with existing Domo data.

The Domo Teams integration brings the power of Domo to Teams experiences, enabling interactive data sharing, posting, searching, and more directly within Teams.

From object unfurling, to searching for, posting and interacting with Domo cards/data sets, to receiving notifications in Teams, users can leverage Domo and their data without having to leave their Teams environment.

“Domo’s Microsoft 365 and Teams integrations deliver data and insights right into the flow of work for business leaders as they use Microsoft’s productivity and collaboration tools,” said Niranjan Deo, Sr. director, Teams and Microsoft 365 Platform, Microsoft. “This will help our mutual customers always have the right information and context as they collaborate to move the business forward.”

For more information about this news, visit www.domo.com.

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