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View From The Top: Zensar Technologies

Zensar Technologies- Your transformation partner

Zensar is a global IT solutions provider to fortune 500 companies with operations across twenty-three locations and three development centers. Zensar's Knowledge Management Practice is evangelized by its CEO—Ganesh Natarajan, an acclaimed BPR and KM Guru. The practice derives inspiration from "Chaturanga" (also known as "Shatranj", or chess). Literally, "Chaturanga" in Sanskrit means "Chatur" meaning four and "Anga" meaning parts or divisions. Similarly, Zensar believes that the four key enablers for knowledge are leadership, culture, technology, and process.

Zensar believes "Knowledge Management" is about leveraging knowledge from all stakeholders to achieve business excellence. Our services traverse the entire spectrum from strategic alignment to benefit realization and include key technologies viz. workflow, collaboration, content management, portals and business intelligence.

Our services address the "How to" dimension of KM and focus on

1. Developing business case for KM
2. Assisting internal KM champions in securing sponsorship through demonstration of visible benefits
3. Aligning KM efforts with business strategy
4. Identifying potential roadblocks (culture, process, structure) and devising solutions to address them
5. Handholding, Benefit Realization and setting up of a Governance Framework

Using our approach of "Think big, Start small and Scale quickly" leading organizations like National Grid, United Utilities, KEC International, Cisco Inc, Quadriga have been able to create maximum impact within shortest possible time by integrating core competencies across business entities.

For more information on Zensar's KM practice please contact Dr. Ganesh Natarajan, g.natarajan@zensar.com or Prameela Kalive, p.kalive@zensar.com or call at +91(20)56057500 Dr. Ganesh Natarajan Deputy Chairman & CEO

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