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View From The Top: Smead

Smead Software Solutions is a division of the Smead Manufacturing Company, one of the largest document management companies in the world. For over a century, Smead has pioneered new systems and technologies for better records management. When Smead began developing solutions for electronic document management more than a decade ago, it drew upon its vast experience and understanding of document workflow and records management practices, to create products that help companies find the information they need, when they need it - because employees should spend their time using information rather than trying to locate it.

Smead is one of the only providers of document management software that develops solutions from a records management perspective rather than one of data management. Instead of trying to make your work processes conform to a technology, Smead looks at what you need to do with your records and applies the technologies that will best fit your needs.

Smeadlink Express is a complete recordkeeping solution made up of modular technologies that work in harmony, allowing access to all types of information through a single browser. Solutions are configured to meet your specific needs today, but the product is scalable, growing with you as your information needs grow.

Smead Software also offers a variety of ColorBar labeling software products for automatic printing of color-coded file labels or folders. Generate label strips complete with bar codes, printed text, color codes and images that can be easily applied to folders. Or print all of the indexing and other information directly on printable file folders. ColorBar and Smeadlink work together to create a complete system that allows instant access to information - whether it's in paper or electronic form.
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Sharon Avent President and CEO

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