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View From The Top: Liberty IMS

Liberty Information Management Solutions (Liberty IMS) is a pioneer in the growing enterprise content management industry. Liberty IMS provides software solutions for the capture, management and availability of information. LibertyNET Enterprise is a technology-rich platform that provides applications, tools and services to companies needing improved information management in the form of electronic document management, records management, process automation, workflow, digital asset management, COLD/ERM, e-forms, e-mail management, collaboration and knowledge management.

LibertyNET is offered as a tiered suite of editions: Enterprise,Office and Professional. The Office Edition is geared toward departmental solutions that solve specific business problems and satisfy the unique challenges of vertical markets. The Professional Edition is an easy-to-use, "shrinkwrapped" product that seamlessly upgrades as business needs change. Liberty IMS has partnered with major hardware manufacturers such as Sharp and HP to provide solutions that complement copiers, scanners and multifunction devices.

The LibertyNET solution appeals to a broad range of organizations of all sizes, especially those with limited resources or demanding requirements. The solution strikes a balance between solid, out-of-the-box functionality while delivering a flexible and robust toolset accessible to non-programmers and programmers alike.

A privately held company based in Costa Mesa, Calif., Liberty IMS sells its products through value-added resellers and OEMs in a variety of markets including transportation, government, financial, education, healthcare, manufacturing and others. Liberty provides technical support to assist its Solution Providers, integrators and direct customers in areas such as best practices, application design, implementation and training.
For more information contact (714) 751-6900 sales@libertyims.com or www.libertyims.com.
Lloyd Warman, CEO

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