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View From The Top: ISYS Search Software Inc.

Getting the 80% Right First

Consider the paradox of ROI—you don't start earning a return until a system is finally put into use. Thus, the longer consultants spend configuring said system, the further out your return.

Fortunately, enterprise search doesn't have to be this way. By tackling search at a tactical level, businesses of all shapes and sizes can begin addressing these needs today. This is the 80-percent rule that market analysts continually evangelize.

Manifesting itself in the form of a search solution that can be implemented in a matter of hours or days, this approach enables users on a workgroup, departmental or regional level to immediately begin making use of the content that matters most to them. Can you say "instant return?"

The Remaining 20%

Numerous "consumer search engines turned enterprise search pretenders" will say they can deliver the 80 percent overnight. But what about the remaining 20? This is the stuff that enables you to customize the search experience according to your unique requirements; the tools that consolidate your disparate repositories into a unified search solution; and the features that go beyond search to help you earn even greater value from your search investment. You won't find these in a box.

ISYS Search Software

Established in 1988, ISYS has helped thousands of organizations worldwide find the sweet spot between ‘effort expended'and ‘benefit realized.' Deployed in days, not months, ISYS ensures employees spend drastically less time looking for information and more time working with it. Test drive it in your environment today.

ISYS Search Software Inc.
8775 E. Orchard Rd. #811
Englewood, CO 80111
Phone: 800.992.4797
E-mail: info@isys-search.com
Web: www.isys-search.com
Ian Davies, Founder and Managing Director

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