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View From The Top: InQuira

Delivering the Right Experience for Every Customer Service Interaction

InQuira's knowledge management applications are premised on understanding each customer's articulation of his unique support needs, and by delivering the right experience, both online and through call center agents, to effectively and expeditiously resolve each problem.

Businesses implement InQuira Intelligent Search and InQuira Personalized Response to deliver a more effective web self-service experience to their customers. InQuira leverages natural language search to capture and understand each customer's unique need and intent for a given interaction, and retrieves the appropriate information from across enterprise knowledge repositories and applications to deliver the right experience to accelerate the customer's resolution process.

For support issues escalated to assisted service channels, InQuira Contact Center Advisor provides a complete intelligent search interface that enables contact center agents to quickly and accurately find answers to customer inquiries as an integrated part of the call-handling process from within their CRM dashboard.

Upon successful resolution of the issue, the problem and solution is documented within InQuira Information Manager as either a draft solution or a content recommendation, and submitted for review, approval and publication. All information submitted through Information Manager follows a flexible workflow process to ensure that solutions made available to customers through self-service channels are reviewed for accuracy, clarity, and consistency. Information Manager Analytics includes operational reports to monitor content currently in the publishing process, published content and detailed analysis of content contributions, feedback, and usage.

Many of the world's most recognizable brands have adopted InQuira's customer interaction solutions, including Bank of America,Yahoo!, Fidelity Investments, AT&T, E*Trade, Honda, and Tyco. For more information, including details on other InQuira products, please For more information, please visit our Web site at www.inquira.com.

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