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View From The Top: Grokker

Groxis is a leading producer of search visualization technologies and the developer of the Grokker™ Enterprise Search Management (ESM) application. A fully hosted, web-based solution, GrokkerESM maximizes the value of enterprise information assets for organizations including Sun Microsystems, EBSCO Publishing, Stanford University, InterfaceFLOR and the University of Michigan.

Grokker federates internal enterprise information, deep-web subscription content and public web services into an intuitive user interface that facilitates access to essential enterprise knowledge resources.

Grokker's clustering, information visualization, dynamic data mining and collaborative capabilities make it easier for workers to explore and leverage a wide range of information, resulting in higher productivity and more actionable research.

Groxis has partnered with a number of content providers and enterprise search application developers to create value-added end-to-end solutions for enterprises of all sizes.

Try an online demo of Grokker at www.grokker.com.

Learn how Grokker adds value and power to enterprise search applications such as FAST Data Search and the Google Search Appliance at http://www.grokker.com/search_solutions.

Groxis, Inc.
30 Hotaling Place, Floor #2
San Francisco, CA 94111
Phone: 866.968.4765
E-mail: sales@groxis.com
Web: www.grokker.com
R. J. Pittman CEO

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