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View From The Top: Exact Software North America

Technology has been, and will continue to be a key driver in workplace efficiencies. Over the years, the main goal of technology providers has been capturing information, which meant that organizations had isolated databases with information that may have only benefited few employees. Organizations are starting to see the benefits of true, enterprise-wide solutions that allow information to be captured and shared across the entire business, including worldwide networks of offices, not just single-site locations. With all of that information captured, the need of the organization to report on, and analyze this data has never been greater.

Exact believes in unifying all aspects of a business, making information accessible to all stakeholders whose jobs rely on timely access to business information. It is such thinking that makes the true idea of knowledge management initiatives a reality. By unifying all information, businesses are able to maximize productivity and increase access to critical information. Furthermore, when all information is available, even mobile workforces have access to critical information.

Real-time information is becoming a necessity, as workforces continually become more dispersed among multiple locations. Technology will bridge the gap between workers and dispersed information, with complete solutions, that tie together all core business functionalities, leading the way in making information and knowledge truly accessible to all. With the rise of business analytics solutions, businesses can now spot trends within their data in real-time, putting their knowledge to work for them. Exact Software is proud to help drive knowledge management to the next level, by unifying the people, business processes, and knowledge that matter most to businesses.

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