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AvePoint launches capabilities to detect ransomware

AvePoint, a SaaS and data management solutions provider, has launched Ransomware Detection, as part of Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365, to further protect digital collaboration data.

According to the company, this new capability proactively detects suspicious behavior within users’ Microsoft OneDrive, while minimizing disruption to productivity and collaboration. After detecting unusual activity, Cloud Backup provides detailed reports to shorten the investigation and flag the areas of question for Customer’s Admin, and if necessary, restores all or specific OneDrive data, recovering business-critical information quickly for Cloud Backup customers.

AvePoint is also launching its Ransomware Warranty for MSPs, which primarily serve small business clients via its global distribution network, to give the ultimate assurance they will be protected. It provides coverage of up to one million dollars if customer data is not recovered due solely to a failure of these eligible products: AvePoint Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Google Workspace and Salesforce.

“Ransomware attacks have become one of the top security threats for organizations, especially as increased digital collaboration opens up more vulnerabilities,” said Dr. Tianyi Jiang (TJ), CEO and co-founder, AvePoint. “In 2021 alone, ransomware attacks hit companies every 11 seconds, and the average cost to recover is in the millions of dollars. With the launch of Ransomware Detection, AvePoint continues to deliver on our promise of securing digital collaboration for enterprises across the globe.”

Cloud Backup empowers businesses to defend against ransomware attacks and ensure organizational business continuity. This is largely due to long-term immutable backup data, machine-learning based anomaly and ransomware attack detection, and easy-to-follow UI reporting and navigation to help fast and precise recovery.

“Global enterprises rely heavily on OneDrive for collaboration on highly sensitive, mission-critical data, and they cannot afford to compromise on security or tolerate downtime,” added John Peluso, chief product officer, AvePoint. “AvePoint’s Ransomware Detection discovers common threats and monitors for mass change events that can indicate suspicious behavior. Our goal is to equip businesses with an easy and reliable way to mitigate the threat of an attack and prevent detrimental data loss.”

For more information on AvePoint’s new Ransomware Detection and Ransomware Warranty, go to www.avepoint.com/products/cloud/backup/ransomware-protection.

For more information, visit www.avepoint.com.

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