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View From The Top: Coveo

Anyone who has been transfixed by a gymnast or a figure skater knows that the magic happens when they perform flawlessly and make it seem easy. That's how a search should work: Enter a query, and the right results appear in simple, elegant fashion—even if it took countless hours of preparation to make the magic possible.

Most enterprise users still stumble as they try to extract data from multiple repositories, each with its own search engine. Enterprises seem awash in a rising tide of structured and unstructured data. Even though users often tag documents manually across various content management systems in hopes that those documents will be easier to retrieve, searches still yield a surfeit of irrelevant, time-wasting results. Coveo is changing all that.

Coveo develops enterprise search software that allows users within an organization to access multiple collections of data with one unified view, providing tangible productivity enhancements and ROI. By combining all content from the desktop, enterprise applications, the intranet and the Internet, and even audio and video files, with one integrated application, information is quickly and easily found. With unmatched accuracy and relevancy, a 24 hour implementation cycle, and true out-of-the-box security, over 5,000 businesses and organizations worldwide use Coveo Enterprise Search to achieve increased revenue, greatly improved productivity and compliance with regulatory mandates. Coveo's key customers include AAA, Eli Lilly, International Paper, CBC/ Radio-Canada, Hewlett Packard, Lockheed Martin, NATO, NASA, AC Nielsen and Spencer Stuart.

For more information, please visit us at www.coveo.com. Laurent Simoneau President & CEO

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