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  • January 26, 2022
  • News

DimeTyd expands its accounting automation platform with machine learning enhancements

DimeTyd, the advanced logic-based online platform, is introducing Returns Automation, an expansion of its accounting and reconciliation platform.

The new feature simplifies layered and complex amounts of data related to vendor contract parameters and automatically reconciles accounting errors, offering precision alignment with Amazon’s complex vendor return system.

“This extension of the DimeTyd platform provides Amazon vendors with an effective tool to further eliminate profit leakage,” said Rohan Thambrahalli, president and founder of DimeTyd. “The new features provide Amazon vendors the ability to align their accounting with their Amazon agreements seamlessly to ensure terms are executed with precision.”

Through machine learning, 100+ proprietor logics, and robotics process automation (RPA), the platform offers a continuous process improvement solution, saving countless man-hours by auditing agreement terms and identifying costly return discrepancies, including errors in over returns, under returns, faulty units, and incorrect cost and dating, according to the vendor.

Benefits include:

  • Visibility into Amazon’s terms and conditions regarding vendor returns
  • The ability to identify the type of return a vendor should receive versus what was issued
  • Automated cost discrepancies identification within Amazon returns
  • Precision alignment with Amazon’s complex vendor return system

The platform requires no upfront cost and is available on performance-based model.

For more information about this news, visit www.DimeTyd.com.

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