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Does Your Content Management Strategy Support Your Business Goals?

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Most organizations understand the importance of content but struggle to create, manage and publish it to meet stakeholder expectations. They lack the strategy, processes and tools to address complexity, avoid complacency and ensure the greatest return. 

Smaller organizations might be able to get by with disorganized content assets, slow collaboration and approval processes, or a lack of metadata-driven context and insights, but operating this way compromises enterprise content efforts. 

These issues are magnified when managing specialized content subject to stringent regulatory requirements that differ by geography and industry, such as pharmaceutical labels and investment reports.

Quark has been in the content technology business for more than 40 years. Today we help customers automate every step of content lifecycle management: creation, collaboration, assembly, omnichannel publishing and analysis. 

Quark Publishing Platform (QPP) is our unified content creation, automation and intelligence platform. Large, global enterprises use it to ensure relevant content reaches the right people in the right format via the right channels in line with their unique corporate and industry requirements. 

QPP also supports modular content authoring in Microsoft Word, and its ability to analyze engagement and use informs content strategy to improve execution. SaaS delivery further reduces complexity, infrastructure costs and time to value, but you can deploy it on premises, in a public or private cloud, or in a hybrid environment.

Brilliant content that works the way you need it to—now and in the future—for digital transformation, customer satisfaction, revenue growth and regulatory compliance. That’s Quark’s mission. 

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