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Mindbreeze: Proper Knowledge Management Exists in a 360-Degree View

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To get true impact from your knowledge, you have to be able to see it. However, seeing your data and the ability to interpret and contextualize your data are two different things. 

The mission of Mindbreeze is to bring all company knowledge front and center to the user, saving them time and boosting productivity on whatever project they may be tasked with. Mindbreeze uses AI and machine learning methods to extract data from silos, external sources, and internal documents. Wherever you need data from, we can bring it to you the way you need it. 

Mindbreeze uses advanced technology to ensure that the topics users search for generate relevant results filled with insights for expert decision-making. Using machine learning methods like Natural Language Processing (NLP) and deep learning, the Mindbreeze InSpire solution interprets information semantically. It illuminates corporate data in a 360-degree holistic view accurately and consistently while continuously learning and improving to fit client needs and optimize their experience. These functionalities are why our clients include multiple of the 2,000 largest corporations on the globe. 

Showcasing company intelligence that permits relationships and patterns between different entities to be seen is critical for any company looking to improve its knowledge management. Business-changing insights are there, and Mindbreeze is equipped to provide you with them. Don’t miss out on the action and learn more from our experts today. We are ready to change the way you see your data. 

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