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Knowledge Management solutions at an enterprise level and on a global scale

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Get help at any stage of your Knowledge Management Transformation from the world’s largest dedicated KM Services Firm - strategy, design, implementation, operations, encompassing the entire spectrum of your organization’s knowledge, information, and data.

This is the eighth year in a row EK has been listed as one of the top 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management. We’re proud of this recognition, but prouder still of the enterprise transformations we’ve helped our clients achieve, as well as our place at the forefront of thought leadership in the field.

Our services run the gamut from high-impact, quick return workshops to full-scale, enterprise-wide transformations that cut across all aspects of KM within an organization, covering the people, processes, content, culture, and technology necessary to achieve and maintain KM maturity.

EK’s own knowledge base contains over 400 articles, free and open on a wide range of topics including KM Maturity, Taxonomy and Ontology Design, Enterprise Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Graphs, Content Assembly, Data Management Strategy and Governance, and Knowledge Analytics. We’re not just talking about KM, we’re doing it at an enterprise level and on a global scale.

QR CODEFurthering our prime position as thought leaders, our book on KM transformations and KM technologies is now available for order. Titled Making Knowledge Management Clickable: Knowledge Management Systems Strategy, Design, and Implementation, the book will serve as your KM Transformation manual. It will guide you to understand your organization’s needs and opportunities, strategize and prioritize features and functions, design with the end user in mind, and build a system that your users will embrace and which will realize meaningful business value for your organization.

Collectively, our team of consultants are leading major initiatives focused on the latest KM trends and technologies. Where other organizations are still struggling to implement enterprise knowledge graphs, our proven methodologies and team of experts have years of experience successfully putting these leading KM solutions into production for some of the largest and most complex organizations in the world. Leveraging these leading technologies, we’re implementing KM solutions including recommendation engines, intelligent search, knowledge AI, and automated content customization and assembly tools.

Are you ready to begin your KM journey, or are you seeking help in getting unstuck? We look forward to hearing from you.

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