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KM-Analytics Synergies and the Future of KM

Produced by Steve Nathans-Kelly

At KMWorld Connect 2021 Jay Liebowitz, author of A Research Agenda for Knowledge Management and Analytics, discussed how to advance the state of the art of KM leveraging its natural synergies with big data and analytics.

According to Liebowitz, for KM to move forward, we need to practice what we preach. “So, in other words, we have to continue to share and borrow and learn from other emerging technologies and disciplines in the spirit of advancing the current state of the art of KM." And, in particular, as big data and analytics continue to grow and there has been a big push in these areas, there are some natural synergies with KM. Liebowitz noted that around 2012 and 2013, there was a big push for big data and analytics and there are some natural synergies with knowledge management and analytics. “So, for example, KM could play a key role in the management and governance of the use of big data and analytics and organizational settings. If we look at cognitive computing and AI and machine learning, as they continue to grow, KM also can play a role.”

With new products using AI, machine learning, and natural language processing and there are new integrations take place. Even DARPA [Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency] in the U.S. has a lifelong learning machines program and they seek to develop learning systems that continuously improve with additional experience and adapt to new conditions and dynamic environments, he noted. “So, again, KM can play a role in many areas, and then there are other possible synergies for KM and even analytics. If you include business process mining, in fact, every year, there is an industry-focused business rules conference held in the late fall." And, in addition, really KM should just be part of what I call the strategic intelligence of the organization, he added. The intersection of KM, BI, and strategic BI or organizational BI, will further develop over the years.

"I actually wrote a book on strategic intelligence back in 2006," said Liebowitz. "It's interesting to see some of the same terminology coming forward. So, what needs to be done? I think if we're looking toward the next generation of KM we have to continue to promote a greater dialogue between us in the different communities and this is being done." 

Many conferences are looking at synergies between KM and other disciplines, said Liebowitz. In addition, he noted, we also need to learn some of the skill sets and tools that are being applied in other domains to see how we can best use those. "And, in the same vein, our colleagues in the other communities most also try to develop appropriate KM skills so we could really have that enlightenment, if you will." And then, certainly, he added, we want to further investigate areas for collaboration, such as cognitive computing, executive decision making, the Internet of Things, Scientometrics, or some other area.

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