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dealcloser integrates with NetDocuments to streamline deal management workflow  

dealcloser, provider of an all-in-one cloud-based transaction management workflow platform, has announced a new secure, synchronized, two-way integration with NetDocuments. This integration is aimed at streamlining deal management workflow, enabling integrated and effective document management, enhanced user collaboration and e-signature management.

NetDocuments offers a cloud content management platform where legal professionals do work providing enterprise-level security, mobility, disaster recovery, and collaboration solutions for organizations with high data security requirements, such as law firms, financial institutions, and insurance industries.

Key features of dealcloser’s NetDocuments integration include the ability to:

  • Create new versions of documents in NetDocuments or dealcloser
  • Get two-way, secure, real-time synchronization between both platforms
  • Capture all versions of documents, including fully signed documents
  • Archive an entire dealcloser project to NetDocuments 

“Deals involve significant collaboration, both internal and external. Instead of using email, with dealcloser all parties can review, comment on and update documents directly on dealcloser and our NetDocuments integration will ensure that everything syncs seamlessly,” said Amir Reshef, CEO and co-founder, dealcloser.

As more law firms embrace digital transformation, users of both dealcloser and NetDocuments can now ensure that the source of truth of their firm stays up-to-date, no matter where they are doing their work. Whether they create new versions of documents in NetDocuments or in dealcloser, this new integration ensures that both platforms stay current and in-sync. Additionally, documents electronically or digitally signed with dealcloser are instantly synchronized to NetDocuments. 

For more inforamation, go to www.dealcloser.com  and www.netdocuments.com.

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