Leverage AI for improved employee experiences with Lucidworks

Analysts estimate that knowledge workers can spend 20%-30% of their time looking for information. Many times, the information they find is stale and not ready for action.

KMWorld recently held a webinar with Brian Land, VP, global sales engineering, Lucidworks, who discussed how AI can unlock years of enterprise core data to gain better insights and take more decisive action.

The employee experience is not just about "search box and results" anymore. AI and data driven experiences have changed the game for enterprises.

“It’s not just about search and search results, it’s about making decisions that impact companies,” Land said.

Knowledge managers want to bring a consumer-like experience to the workplace. This means personalizing insight discovery to improve employee engagement and retention, Land explained.

By leveraging natural language processing, companies can get faster answers and enhance the employee experience.

Land recommended building the KM experience around improving keyword search—the data intelligence of the organization. This becomes personalized search based on role/profile and boost topics.

With machine learning and AI, companies can invest in semantic search, which dives deeper into these topics.

Search then gives out recommendations, or contextual intelligence. This brings up similar articles and related topics. By boosting security of search, organizations can trim and filter content, Land explained.

A virtual chatbot can augment search. The chatbot can be driven by user context and user behavior, boosted based on clicks, or based on read time. This gives customers relevant and consistent content discovery.

Hyper-personalization within the organization can drive relevant and contextual employee experiences.

Natural entity extraction can enrich user experiences to help make better decisions. Document clustering can speed the time to understanding of data for faster decision making by extracting metadata from documents.

AI-based rewrites fusion machine language query rewriting, which handles the heavy lifting for high relevancy employee experiences.

An archived on-demand replay of this webinar is available here.

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