Couchbase’s Mark Gamble talks how to accelerate your digital transformation with NoSQL DBaaS

The post-pandemic economy is accelerating digital transformation in almost every organization. From the KM perspective, the ability to manage document databases that are memory first, available in the cloud, highly flexible, easily queried, and fully integrated results in greater productivity.

Still, many businesses struggle with fewer resources and slashed budgets, making them more cost-conscious than ever.

Confronted with equal parts opportunity and cost control pressure, IT and KM departments look to adopt technology that can meet the demands of modern applications with the lowest total cost of ownership.

KMWorld recently held a webinar with Mark Gamble, product and solutions marketing director, Couchbase, who examined how a database-as-a-service can provide the scale and efficiency applications require.

The past year triggered a major shift in online activity due to COVID-19 restrictions around the world as the pandemic raged on, Gamble said.

Customers demand high performance and fast time to market at low cost. It’s difficult to achieve cost-effective performance that provides low latency and high throughput. Legacy DBaaS platform has a time-intensive process that can take days to add, secure, and properly provision and optimize clusters.

The benefits of DBaaS include cost savings, staff productivity, operational resilience, and business agility, he explained.

Couchbase is a database technology consolidator. It can be deployed on premise or on any cloud. Couchbase Cloud is a fully managed NoSQL Database-as-a-Service, he said.

Couchbase Cloud features:

  • Couchbase Server the world’s most powerful and versatile NoSQL database—NoEQUAL
  • In-VPC deployment is the emerging best-practice that secures and isolates data under customer’s control
  • Single console to manage multi-cluster deployments
  • On-premises cross-datacenter replication (XDCR) to and from Couchbase Cloud for live migration, backups and recovery
  • Customer-friendly licensing & the best price/performance of any NoSQL offering

An archived on-demand replay of this webinar is available here.

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