• June 25, 2021
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LambdaTest creates app for better communication among employees for Microsoft Teams

As remote working continues around the world, browser-testing platform LambdaTest is launching a Microsoft Teams app that will allow anyone using Teams to, in-conversation, run live tests to see what their company website looks like across 2,000+ desktop browsers and mobile configurations.

This will enable people to collaborate on issues quickly and easily and find solutions for their company websites.

Once a meeting begins, Teams participants will be able to pull LambdaTest into the live call and work collaboratively to initiate quick real time tests and screenshot tests at a click of a button from right inside a conversation.

Participants can collaborate efficiently by easily communicating issues, shortening the feedback loops, and instantly debugging web assets, according to the vendor.

“Our aim with this Microsoft Teams app is to amplify collaboration among teams beyond their typical use case.  We can now harness the creativity and spontaneity that people have in conversations and make an impact in real-time,” said Asad Khan, LambdaTest co-founder and CEO. “Now, developers using Teams will be able to communicate the online presence of websites on a variety of browsers and devices in one-click. Moreover, they will be able to enact changes to websites in discussions with colleagues in real-time. Everything we do at LambdaTest has an extensibility play to it for developers to plug more deeply into the product. This builds on our existing integrations with Slack, Jira and Trello”.

LambdaTest allows users to perform live testing, screenshot testing, responsive testing and a lot more for their online propositions.

LambdaTest also provides a selenium cloud grid to help run automation test scripts on cloud. With LambdaTest LT Browser, teams can perform faster and easier responsive testing right from their local system.

"At Microsoft, our primary mission is to deliver best-in-class solutions that help teams be more productive and collaborate better“ said Daniel Canning, director, Microsoft Teams Platform at Microsoft. “We are pleased that LambdaTest's Teams app integration is helping developers and testers be more efficient and collaborative across channels and across organizations."

For more information about this news, visit www.lambdatest.com.

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