Discover how this new era of content services can facilitate business transformation

As digital information continues to grow at a staggering pace, a new generation of content services is revolutionizing how businesses approach ECM.

Today's organizations are teeming with diverse types of content and different types of users, use cases, and requirements. Through automation, integration, and AI, content services are building upon the foundation of ECM systems to facilitate better information access, sharing, and collaboration.

KMWorld recently held a webinar with Paul Nelson, innovation lead, Accenture, who discussed leveraging existing business processes to extract and summarize useful knowledge, identifying and creating expert knowledge communities that last, using AI and social engineering, and more.

Intelligent content services are the basic resources that are required to add intelligence to your content ecosystem, Nelson explained.

This includes classification, tagging/extraction, summarization, anonymization, knowledge graphs, and semantic search.

“To understand” you have to figure out what meaning is, he said. This can range from the concrete to the abstract. Concrete items need to be extracted with patterns and rules. This includes hard, structured data extracted from business systems, specific measured values extracted from text, and specific identifiers extracted from text.

An abstract understanding of the “general idea” of content is an abstract representation of meaning which is not at all precise, Nelson noted.

AI is more than just classification and entity extraction. It can help find new topics, connect content by meaning with semantic search, evaluate content quality, and summarize or rewrite. Successful projects will improve the existing knowledge flow. He recommended not to fight the existing process, but to work within it.

Successful Projects will include targeted AI so organizations can solve the problems that can be solved today (with AI). It also allows companies to gather the data that is needed to solve the problems of the future.

Organizations will still need a great search engine, Nelson said. The results of AI feed and enhance the search engine, which are the only way to scale.

An archived on-demand replay of this webinar is available here.

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