Mote receives $2 million in funding to continue expanding its voice messaging solution

Voice messaging startup Mote announced it has raised $2 million in seed funding, enabling the company to scale operations and expand its technology platform with additional features and functionality.     

The funding round was led by Craft Ventures, with early investors Sequoia Capital and the Oxford Angel Fund.  Additionally, the company also revealed that its Google Chrome extension has surpassed 1 million weekly users.

“We have had an incredible first year at Mote,” said Mote Co-founder and CEO Will Jackson. “Mote’s users have found voice messaging is a faster and friendlier alternative to typing: remote workers, collaborators, and educators around the world report that talking instead of typing leads to significant time savings and better communication. We’re very happy with this early validation across the Google ecosystem and we’re working hard to broaden platform support in response to user demand.”

Mote is also celebrating the official launch of its integration with Gmail, which lets users create and attach voice messages within Gmail using the Mote Chrome extension.

This new integration is important as it heralds Mote’s expansion beyond in-document voice messaging, and expands its potential reach to 1.8 billion Gmail users.

Enterprise, nonprofit and government sector organizations from all industries can rely on Mote to speed up and humanize their feedback and messaging.

Although Mote’s application can be used in any sector or industry, educators have shown a particular fondness for the solution, according to the vendor.

More than 10,000 schools in 170 countries and across all 50 U.S. states have implemented Mote’s technology.

Software developers, graphic designers, writers, sales teams, customer experience teams, HR managers and more are also finding innovative use cases for Mote.

Any organization that values fast, friendly voice messaging for notes, feedback, and collaboration can use Mote. 

“Sometimes expressing our ideas clearly in an email is really hard,” Jackson said, “Voice messaging is a beautifully simple way to convey what we really mean and make a human connection. We’re really excited to see how our amazing educator community embraces voice messaging in email, and we also hope it will help introduce Mote to new communities.”

 For more information about this news, visit www.justmote.me.

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