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SearchBlox introduces SearchAI SmartSuggest, Answers, and Personalization

SearchBlox has introduced SearchAI SmartSuggest, SearchAI Answers and SearchAI Personalization, new products that use AI to make search  smarter and simpler.

"Increasingly website users—whether they're your employees or your end customers—use search to navigate websites," said Timo Selvaraj, co-founder and VP of product at SearchBlox. "And if they don't find what they want, they bounce."

According to SearchBlox, it developed SearchAI SmartSuggest because users struggle to choose the correct search terms. Most internet users are familiar with autocomplete or typeahead, which provides search suggestions that start with the keyword you type. For instance, if someone types "doorbell" in the search box on Google, the search engine might suggest "doorbell sound, doorbell camera, doorbell battery, etc." If someone types "doorbell" into the SearchAI SmartSuggest-enabled search box, it will offer "doorbell batteries" and "doorbell doesn't work," but will also offer "how to set up doorbell," "cannot sync doorbell to base," and "reset doorbell."

Because it doesn't rely on historical search logs, the company says, SearchAI SmartSuggest provides more relevant search suggestions from day one. "We build a machine learning model of all of your content," said Selvaraj. "That's what enables SearchAI SmartSuggest to know what your users are searching for before they do." 

In addition, SearchBlox's second new product, SearchAI Answers, uses natural language processing to provide a more intuitive search experience similar to Google's Featured Snippets. "In other words," says Selvaraj, "it understands the way humans talk and it answers them in that same conversational tone."

SearchAI Answers provides the answer as a featured snippet, a chatbot response, or via voice assistant. And unlike some AI search enhancements, SearchAI Answers requires zero manual tagging, specific domain taxonomy, or knowledge graphs, said Selvaraj.

SearchAI helps businesses:

  • Reduce service costs and increase first contact resolution, which is especially important during the customer service crisis created by the current pandemic.
  • Improve the user experience with artificial intelligence that responds to a natural language question with a natural language answer.
  • Save time and effort. SearchAI Answers doesn't require manual tagging, specific domain taxonomy or knowledge graphs.

"SearchAI Answers works with your existing search setup," said Selvaraj. "All you need to do is integrate your search with our API endpoint and add the Answers box on your search results page to display the answers."

And the third new product, SearchAI Personalization predicts personas for search users enabling them to reach the information or product they are looking for much faster. SearchAI Personalization understands customer intent with a few search queries and personalizes the user's search journey leading to a better customer experience.

SearchBlox SearchAI products are platform-agnostic. For more information, go to www.searchblox.com/products/searchai-smartsuggest.

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