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ABBYY partners with Alteryx

ABBYY is partnering with Alteryx to deliver process intelligence capabilities that complement the Alteryx Analytic Process Automation Platform. The Alteryx APA Platform unifies analytics, data science, and data-centric process automation in one platform.

According to the companies, by leveraging ABBYY Process Intelligence with the Alteryx APA Platform, users can better initiate, analyze, predict, and monitor end-to-end analytics and operational process execution and value. In addition, the partnership enables organizations to speed insights needed to identify the most impactful processes for automation and determine which processes will drive the greatest return on investment (ROI).

“Digital transformation is often oversimplified to refer to efforts being attempted with RPA technology, but our experience shows that a one-size-fits-all automation approach is naïve,” said Scott Opitz, chief marketing officer at ABBYY. “For enterprise automation to succeed, organizations need APA combined with Process Intelligence to speed their understanding of their end-to-end processes to give them the critical insights necessary to identify the most impactful processes for automation and to exploit the power of the Alteryx APA Platform to deliver automation capable of driving the greatest gains.”

The combined solution integrates Alteryx data access, transformation, advance analysis, and machine learning capabilities with ABBYY’s process mining, analysis, monitoring, and predictive process intelligence. The mix of advanced analytics and process intelligence capabilities provides superior automation solutions for the most important business operations.

ABBYY Timeline brings the power of Process Intelligence to Alteryx APA workflows by integrating Timeline’s process mining and discovery, process analytics and visualization, real-time process monitoring and predictive process analytics to deliver: 

  • Business process assessment: Quickly mine, reconstruct, visualize and analyze business processes to identify which processes will benefit from APA.  
  • Business process analytics: Timeline’s process analytics, query and filtering capabilities provide inline enhancement of analytic processes to provide additional process-aware data transformation and analytics. 
  • Business process monitoring: Timeline’s process monitoring gives Alteryx users a way to monitor current business processes—even those where process steps are performed across multiple back-end systems. Quickly specify business conditions, initiating an Alteryx workflow and using Timeline to monitor and ensure end-to-end business process completion, regardless of where it is executed. 

“As customer interest for hyper-intelligent automation continues to accelerate, easing the automation of data-centric operational processes is critical,” said Sharmila Mulligan, chief strategy and marketing officer of Alteryx. “The combination of ABBYY’s Process Intelligence platform and the Alteryx APA Platform allows organizations to automate every step of complex business and analytics processes to trigger automated actions. Together, the synergistic capabilities of Alteryx and ABBYY can accelerate organizations’ digital transformation priorities.”

For more information, visit www.abbyy.com/company and www.alteryx.com.

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