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AI 50 Spotlight: Identify experts. Access know-how. Solve skill-gaps. The #1 artificial intelligence platform for knowledge and skills.

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Starmind is devoted to enabling productive and efficient workforces by augmenting human intelligence, not replacing it. Up to 80 percent of all knowledge is undocumented or intangible, meaning most businesses access less than a quarter of the human intelligence available within their organization. Leveraging the power of AI, Starmind gives organizations and their employees access to the vast vault of tacit human intelligence that would have otherwise remained hidden or underutilized.

Starmind’s AI can instantly analyze millions of data points to identify subject matter experts and surface hidden knowledge. Instead of searching through emails, long conversations or document drives, Starmind makes employee-sourced knowledge available on an easy-to-access platform that stands alone or integrates into third-party applications.

By identifying experts, accessing know-how and solving skill gaps, Starmind’s AI platform significantly enhances workplace productivity and increases employee engagement.

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To learn more about Starmind go to starmind.ai.

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