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AI 50 Spotlight: Enterprise AI strategy, design, and implementation services to help achieve AI now

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EK is proud to be included as part of the first KMWorld AI Top 50 ranking. Alongside our recognition as one of the top 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management for the sixth year in a row, this demonstrates EK’s position at the nexus of KM and AI.

AI is a key source of transformation, disruption, and competitive advantage for our clients. Many organizations are coming to us asking them to help get started with AI in practice, make the business case to their leadership, and help prioritize first steps to ensure their investment pays off.

Success with Enterprise AI requires that organizations leverage the latest technologies and design principles, integrate a diverse set of structured and unstructured content, and design first and foremost with business stakeholders in mind. We offer end-to-end capabilities to help organizations realize Enterprise AI, including initial strategy and business case definition, metadata and ontology design, technology selection, piloting, and system-wide integration and implementation of enterprise knowledge graphs and machine learning.

With our combination of technical architects, ontologists, agile leads, and expert developers, we possess all of the capabilities in-house to help your organization show real progress with AI. What makes EK a true leader in this space is that we’re not speaking in the future tense. We’ve already put Enterprise AI in practice for a wide range of global organizations and have the case studies and live demonstrations to prove it.

If you’re ready to actually see what Enterprise AI looks like, contact us.

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