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  • January 13, 2020
  • News

Dynamsoft evolves its barcode reader solution

Dynamsoft is releasing the Dynamsoft Barcode Reader version 7.3 software development kit for advanced barcoding. This new version intelligently restores physically missing parts of barcode images and that improves on the difficulties of scanning crumpled barcodes.

The new SDK version also adds optical character recognition capabilities for processing text that may accompany a barcode. The SDK is ideal in sectors such as inventory management where barcode technology is mission critical.

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK now can auto-restore (or auto-complete) missing portions of a QR Code or a Data Matrix code. The SDK intelligently attempts to complete any missing positioning information based on an existing FinderPattern, the TimingPattern, the border, the image size, and so on.

The decoding success rate has also been improved for wrinkled or deformed QR codes. Deskewing a wrinkled barcode can sometimes diminish the quality of the image, which in turn reduces the barcode recognition accuracy. But Dynamsoft Barcode Reader uses pre-processing features to auto-deskew barcodes while maximizing their recognition accuracy.

Dynamsoft has also made available OCR technology to process text that might accompany a linear barcode image.

The text OCR feature ensues after successful barcode decoding occurs. If the text OCR capability is enabled, the barcoding SDK will then extract text from the area or zone set by the user. If the user does not specify one, it will analyze the area above and below the barcode. It will intelligently pick a line of text block.

This new version of the SDK has also added support for five new widely used barcode symbols. These new barcode symbols are the USPS Intelligent Mail, Postal Numeric Encoding Technique (POSTNET), Postal Alpha Numeric Encoding Technique (Planet), Australian Post, and UK Royal Mail.

For more information about this release, visit www.dynamsoft.com.

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