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Verint launches robotic process automation discovery solution

Verint Systems has introduced a new analytics solution, Robotic Process Automation Discovery, to help organizations accelerate time-to-value in intelligent automation initiatives.

According to Verint, one of the biggest challenges facing organizations in digital transformation is identifying automation opportunities. Verint’s new Robotic Process Automation Discovery solution provides actionable insight into enterprise workflows, to identify automation opportunities with the greatest potential for return on investment, while streamlining RPA development and deployment. 

Verint’s solution leverages AI to automatically capture information behind the scenes on how business applications are used for daily tasks, analyze information to map tasks to processes, determine key trends and identify automation opportunities with the highest ROI, based on factors such as worker hourly rates and average handle time. AI drives workflow generation to make RPA development and deployment easier, faster, and more efficient.

“Automation Discovery identifies and discovers what processes can be improved through automation,” says Verint’s John Goodson, SVP and general manager, products. “Achieving this kind of profound visibility can eliminate the noise associated with process automation and have a positive, rapid impact on digital transformation initiatives.”

To learn more about Verint’s Robotic Process Automation solution, go to www.verint.com/engagement/our-offerings/solutions/workforce-optimization/robotic-process-automation

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