• November 20, 2019
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Ooma expands its smart office communications solution

Ooma, Inc., a smart communications platform for businesses and consumers, is releasing Ooma Office Pro, a small business phone service designed to meet the advanced needs of professionals.

New premium features including call recording, enhanced call blocking, voicemail transcription and support for overhead paging systems.

Ooma Office Pro offers all the reliability, call quality, and functionality of Ooma Office,while adding capabilities that meet the professional needs of businesses that are seeking a further productivity boost.

Beyond the many features of Ooma Office, Ooma Office Pro provides:

  • Call recording. Account administrators can designate automatic recording of all incoming and outgoing calls for an individual extension, while individual users can start a call recording on demand at any time. Calls can be played back through the service’s online portal or downloaded for subsequent playback or storage – perfect for use cases such as sales training, keeping a record of meetings, and customer order confirmation.
  • Enhanced call blocking. Incoming calls to all extensions are screened against a dynamic database of more than two million phone numbers associated with robocalls. This database is growing by 1,500 phone numbers per day, and calls from any of these numbers never ring on the user’s phone. Ooma recently released a survey quantifying the costly productivity drain from robocalls, which could cost a business with multiple lines that receives 50 robocalls per day an estimated $118,000 per year.
  • Voicemail transcription. Ooma Office already sends voicemail messages to users via email with attached audio files. Now, in Ooma Office Pro, these emails also provide a text transcription for a quick view of what the voicemail is about – especially helpful for mobile users in situations where listening to an audio replay isn’t practical.
  • Overhead paging support. Ooma Office Pro integrates with leading overhead paging systems, so that any IP phone can be used to make an announcement heard through the public address system in a large area such as a warehouse, service department or medical office.

Ooma Office Pro also expands key features of Ooma Office to accommodate larger businesses. Call Park increases to 10 slots from 5 in Ooma Office, receptionists can monitor 60 extensions instead of 20, and audio conference rooms can have 25 participants instead of 10.  

“Ooma Office Pro is designed for businesses with needs beyond what’s offered in Ooma Office, without sacrificing the simplicity and value that have made Ooma Office such a success,” said Ken Narita, director of business marketing at Ooma.  “In short, Ooma Office Pro boosts productivity without adding complexity.”

For more information about this news, visit www.ooma.com.

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