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KMWorld 2019 takeaway: 10 ways to make your KM career recession-proof

There are many factors that can affect the success of individual organizations and whole industries. There are widespread economic booms and busts, global trade issues, competitive situations, changes in consumer confidence levels—the list goes on. But there are steps that all knowledge management experts can take to better position themselves and their organizations to withstand adversity.

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At KMWorld 2019, Adriaan Jooste, CKO, Deloitte Advisory, presented a session, titled "Continuing Investment In KM," in which he offered suggestions on how to make a KM career recession-proof.

Among Jooste's tips are:

  1. Get closer to the business—how your company sells and delivers services
  2. Explore how to use your KM team to drive revenue
  3. Get a seat at the table as your organization plans a response to a downturn, or launches a new product or initiative
  4. Use your KM systems to broadcast the responses and opportunities
  5. Look at your CRM data and other analytics to identify trends opportunities in the downturn
  6. Identify what is selling in small pockets and tell the rest of the organization about it
  7. Develop guides and toolkits for new services or sales organizations
  8. Provide videos to push and teach new ideas, services, and products
  9. Develop "knowledge in a box" kits by bundling existing services and products in ways that generate new or extra revenue
  10. Make sure that your KM team is positioned to be part of the solution to business problems your organization faces

KMWorld 2019 is a part of a unique program of five co-located conferences, which also includes Enterprise Search & Discovery, Office 365 Symposium, Taxonomy Boot Camp, and Text Analytics Forum.

Many speakers at KMWorld 2019 are making their presentations available at www.kmworld.com/Conference/2019/Presentations.aspx.


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