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BA Insight's AutoClassifier 5.0 integrates NLP, multimedia analysis, and rules-based auto tagging

BA Insight, an innovator in AI-driven enterprise search, has announced the availability of AutoClassifier 5.0, which includes innovative natural language processing to automate the extraction of key information from documents.

The extracted elements from the document are then used to generate summaries and categorize and tag enterprise information, including images and videos, decreasing the reliance on taxonomies. When taxonomies are used, AutoClassifier 5.0 employs machine learning for taxonomy training to fully automate the tagging process. 

According to BA Insight, the combination of AutoClassifier, SmartHub, and the company’s array of more than 70 connectors, provide a complete AI-driven and search engine independent enterprise search solution for organizations of all sizes.  

“By supporting AI capabilities from Microsoft, Google, and the Rasa Stack, we provide our customers the freedom of choice to use the AI platform that best suits their requirements,” said Massood Zarrabian, CEO of BA Insight. “In addition, our AI and rules-based approach gives them the flexibility they need to automate and control the tagging process.”

For more information, go to www.bainsight.com.

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