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  • August 6, 2019
  • News

SiteLock extends security support for web platforms using a MySQL database

SiteLock, a provider of cybersecurity solutions for small businesses, is making new feature enhancements to SMART Database (SMART/DB), extending monitoring and scanning support for Joomla! and any other web platform using a MySQL database in addition to existing WordPress capability.

With this offering, 90 million global small and medium-sized businesses can now automatically protect their website databases from various types of malware that could steal customer data, allowing them to conduct online business safer than ever before.

A database controls, writes, and processes all dynamic data that is collected and stored on a website including form completions, online purchases, and various types of content.

While a database is a powerful piece of a website’s infrastructure, according to SiteLock data, 30% of malware cleaned was located within a website’s database. These types of attacks can threaten customer data, potentially impacting a small business’ reputation, or worse, its ability to stay afloat.

Given that most small businesses do not have the budgets or resources to constantly monitor every aspect of their websites, including their databases, they are at an even greater risk of potential compromise, said Neill Feather, chief innovation officer at SiteLock.

If left undetected, a compromised website database can have a devastating impact on a small business--exposing customer data and potentially impacting its bottom line. Should anything malicious occur in the database, the entire online history of a small business, such as posts, comments, and customer records--may be lost forever, Feather explained.

The updates to SMART/DB provide a way for any small business owner, or even bloggers who aggregate an audience, to fortify against these growing threats with an advanced level of detection.

For more information about these updates, visit www.sitelock.com.

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