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CDW improves CXM with Adobe Experience Cloud

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CDW is a multi-brand technology solutions provider to business, government, education, and healthcare organizations in the U.S., the United Kingdom, and Canada.

As the business world goes increasingly digital and customer expectations rise, companies face the ongoing challenge of evolving their businesses to organize around customer value. Increasingly, success hinges on customer experience management (CXM), with a deep understanding of customer needs and the ability to mobilize and deliver quickly. Adapting to this increasingly digital world, CDW has built a multi-billion-dollar corporation by keeping its focus on customer needs and adopting Adobe Experience Cloud to deliver valuable, personalized content.

To achieve its goals, CDW has navigated its own digital transformation, while also helping 250,000 customers do the same by providing integrated IT solutions with hardware, software, and security from more than 100 brands.

CDW uses Adobe Experience Cloud solutions, including Adobe Experience Manager Assets running on Microsoft Azure, to rapidly deliver useful information to each customer or potential customer in a targeted way. By consolidating its assets in Adobe Experience Manager Assets, CDW can make sure that content is easily accessible as the company works with agencies and partners to produce materials, Kevin Lindsay, director, product marketing, at Adobe, explained in a recent Adobe blog post.

CDW decided to create best practices to improve content creation, access, and management by implementing a central DAM [digital asset management platform]. By consolidating digital content on Adobe Experience Manager Assets, CDW has improved production efficiency and given its designers time to create content that engages all audiences. The ability to integrate Adobe Creative Cloud makes it easy and quick to leverage content created by CDW’s designers in its online portal and marketing materials.

The result is that designers and marketers now spend less time searching for assets or recreating them when they can’t be found. Teams can work more collaboratively with agencies and partners and no longer get tripped up over version control issues. Plus, they can better control usage of partner logos and other copyrighted assets. 

Overall, the CDW team has saved approximately 20 hours a week due to faster search and streamlined workflows in addition to improving asset reuse rates and reducing creative costs.

With the tools in place to rapidly deliver valuable content to customers, CDW is now looking toward greater personalization as part of its CXM strategy. Many of its ads and publications already incorporate personalized elements, but the company aims to hone its targeting and segmentation for more relevant, contextual experiences that help customers succeed in the digital era.

For more information, go to  www.adobe.com/experience-cloud.html  and www.CDW.com.

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